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How To Create A Blog 2021 | Make Money From Blogging-ourmission420

Create your own blog for free as a website and start to earn money from blogs. Create a blog for free today and choose a blog builder.

There are many free websites to build a  blog as a website, but you can't earn money from this site, now we've two free tools where you can build your own website, and you can make money from it.

Three are two free tools to create a blog and earn money from it.

1. Blogger

What is Blogger?
Blogger is a google free tool where you can share your thought and money with Adsense.

Benefits of Blogger-
If you earn money without investment then blogger is the right option because you don't require to invest in hosting and domain. If you think you can't buy a domain then you can earn it for free with AdSense but it not quite good for the website, it has a subdomain name with your blog name if you bought the domain then the subdomain redirect to a custom domain.

How much traffic takes to load a free blogger blog.
Don't worry, there is no limit for traffic because these are google free hosting. You can run million of traffic in real-time it doesn't crash for traffic load.

There are few tips to get easily Adsense approval on the blogger blog.

1. Unique content without copyright
2. 30 above post
3. SEO friendly and fast loading
4. Domain (if you want to add0
5. Some unique traffic and backlink
6. 6 months old

2. WordPress
WordPress is a free tool and open source content management system in which you can create a blog but WordPress doesn't provide free hosting if you want to create a free blog then you can't create it on WordPress. You need to bought extra SEO tools to rank your post and website.

Benefits of WordPress-
Easy to rank by use of SEO tools.
Manage database
Change URL

If you ready to invest then go for WordPress but if you want to use it free of cost then used a blogger, both are the same if you work properly. It based on your niche and keywords.

There are few steps to create a blog For Free as a website-

1. Choose a unique blog name

Choose a unique blog name what about your post on this blog. If you want to post like fitness, health, body then you can choose a blog name related to your topic.

2. Add SEO friendly blog Template

This is the most important to start a blog because the template is your website design that actually looks like. You can choose fast loading blogger template. Fast loading means you can get easily rank and quickly open it doesn't require more time to load a page. Customize the blog template that you want or not to appear on your site. Adsense approval free blogger template.

3. Start writing a post

Choose a high search volume keyword with low competition and write a unique post to easily understand what you want to say on a post.

4. Connect a Domain

If your blog is fully ready to launch then it is the best way to makes it easy for people to find it and visit. You can connect custom domain like .com, .in, .uk, .co, etc.

5.  Publish a blog and post.

Now publish your blog and go live if you complete those steps and it looks like a website, publish some of the important posts on the blog.


1. How can I start my own Blog?
 Answer-You can start or create your own blog through and free blog.

2. Do bloggers get paid?
Answer- Yes, the blogger provides payment through any ad network like AdSense and third party ad network.

3. Which is the best site to create a blog?
Answer- If you want to earn money or write a something you interest to share with others then blogger and WordPress is the best free platform for creating a free blog.

4. How can I create a free blog and make money?
Answer- You can create a blog a simple step done in above

5. How do beginner bloggers make money?
Answer- It totally depends on you because of their a lot of ways to earn money. If you are new to blogger then you can make money with a URL shortener, Adsense, affiliate marketing.

6. How to earn money with blogging?
Answer- See, above question.

7. How can I earn money through my blog?
Answer- See, the above question. and learn more about making money from blogging in 2021.

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