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Friday, July 10, 2020

How To Connect Godaddy Domain To Blogger | ourmission420

If you want to create a free blog and earn money from it then you can set up your domain to
blogger because it looks like a professional website that makes look pretty. If you first time on blogger blog then this article for you.

If you create a free blog it looks like "Yourblog.blogspot.com" you can't remove blogspot.com but if you connect with your domain then Blogspot redirects to your domain. In this post, we'll discuss how to connect a custom domain to blogger and also google search console.

There are few steps to setup custom domain to blogger-

1. Choose a unique website name

If your site name is unique and low competition with high search volume then hit million
of traffic and earn money.

2. Buy a domain name

Once you have done to the bought domain name then you can set up to blogger.
A domain name is not free but some of the websites provide a free domain name.
In the Godaddy you can't access free domain you have to buy a domain,
it cost approximately 10$ to 15$ per year but if you first time on Godaddy you have to buy a 1$ domain with coupon code.

3. Login to your Godaddy account.

Once you have dome all of this now setup domain to blogger blog.
Open "Domain Management file" you need to add some point and hostname.

4. Open your blogger account

In the blogger, open blogger setting and click on basic, and open third party domain settings and type your domain name. once you have click on the save button it opens two
records to connect with a domain.
connect godaddy domain to blogger
connect Godaddy domain to blogger

5. Click on DNS file

In the DNS you need to add Four A record and two CNAME file and it looks like a shown below image. 

connect godaddy domain to blogger
connect Godaddy domain to blogger

Once you have done this thing now the most important you need to verify your domain with
google. If you don't verify your domain you website can't live on google. Open your Google
search console copy the verify HTML code and add on the GoDaddy DNS file
on the TXT record.
connect godaddy domain to blogger
connect Godaddy domain to blogger

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