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Shrinkearn-best url shortener to earn money 2021

shrinkearn best url shortener to earn money 2021
Shrinkearn-best URL shortener to earn money in 2021

Hello, readers in this article we will discuss Shrinkearn. You can make money easily from the shrinkearn website.

This article helps you if you are a blogger or YouTuber. Are you sharing any youtube videos link, any movie download link, or any other website link on social media daily or your WhatsApp groups then You can make money to share any link if you are Shrinkearn customer. So, you will get paid every click which you share your WhatsApp or Facebook or website.

How do you make money from Shrinkearn(URL shortener website)?

Yes, you can make money from Shrinkearn(URL shortener website). But before going to short any Url keep in mind you can create an account from shrinkearn. How do you make money from shrinkearn you need to do create an account before going to start. After Register, a shrinkearn website then edit your profile and short any URL which you want then share a short link on your website or social media or WhatsApp group any other platform that someone clicks on it. If anyone clicks on your short link you will get paid a little bit of every click. Its work simple if anyone click on your link first will appear shortener website it can take 5 to 10 second to open your website. Register an account to make money from shrinkearn.

What is shrinkearn?

Shrinkearn is one of the best URL shortener websites with high CPM rates, ShrinkEarn pays all its publishers to shorten any URL and share their short URL links. If you really want to make money from ShrinkEarn then shorten any long URLs from the ShrinkEarn website and share those ShrinkEarn shorten links with your blog, YouTube, Twitter, or anywhere share you want.

 If any visitor clicks on your short link then you will be get paid some amount each and every click, their payout rates are based on many factors like a number of clicks, visitors country, etc. Like Earndone new highest paying URL shortener site and Shrinkearn also offers some good features to all publishers to boost their earnings, like high payout rates, low cashout limit, daily payments, good customer support,  referral commission, on-time payments, quick sign up option, etc.

ShrinkEarn CPM rates are not permanent it changes on a daily basis or clicks, while writing this review it was offering up to $10 for 1000 visits with a minimum rate of $3.50. Its minimum cashout limit is only $5, which is very easy to receive your payment. You can earn without a short link from shrinkearn you can make money from a referral link.

You can get a commission from shrinkearn if anyone signs up your referral link. Currently available PayPal, Skrill, Paytm, and Payza as its payment method to pay all its users. ShrinkEarn pays on a daily basis.  Also, ShrinkEarn offers Banner ads and Interstitial ads to all its advertisers.

How shrinkearn work?

 If you want to make money by sharing a short link that you can short on any link from the shrinkearn website. After you can create an account then open your dashboard and paste your long URL and short it, you can short any types of the link or share on your social media, blog, youtube, or another platform. 

If anyone clicks your short link it firstly opens a shrinkearn website it shows many ads then redirects your original website link. When anyone clicks on your shrinkearn short link then you will get paid from shrinearn. Also, you can earn money from the 7 highest paying URL shortener website list. You can withdraw your payment easily the minimum withdrawal rate 5$. 

The shrinkearn website gives you high CPM that means if you visitor visits in India then the  CPM 5 to 6$ or if your visitor visit from the USA, Canada, Dubai then you will get high CPM up to 20$. The different country gives you different CPM. But you will get a minimum of 5$ per 1000 views in India.

You can earn another way. You can earn 25% of your shrinkearn referral link for a lifetime. If anyone registers your referral link then you will get a 25% commission.

How do you receive your payment from shrinkearn?

You can withdraw your payment easily there are several ways to get payment, Withdraw methods are available Paytm, Paypal, UPI, Bank transfer. The minimum withdrawal 5$. You will get the payment within 1 day after the request for payment from shrinearn.

Payment method and rate.

  • PayPal- $5.000
  • WebMoney Z- $5.000
  • Payeer- $5.000
  • Skrill- $20.000
  • Neteller- $25.000
  • PaySera- $5.000
  • UPI (Tez UPI/PhonePe UPI/Paytm UPI (India)- $5.000
  • Bank Transfer (only for Indians)- $10.000

Different CPM rate and country for mobile and desktop per 1000 views-

  • Greenland- $20.000  
  • Iceland - $13.000
  • San Marino- $10.000
  • Gibraltar - $7.000
  • Andorra - $7.000
  • United Kingdom- $7.000
  • United States- $7.000
  • Canada -  $7.000
  • New Zealand- $6.000
  • Australia - $6.000
  • Germany - $5.000
  • France - $5.000
  • Italy - $4.000
  • Sweden - $4.000
  • Norway - $4.000
  • Spain - $4.000
  • Denmark - $4.000
  • Finland - $3.000
  • Worldwide Deal(All Countries)- $3.000

You can create an account if you click SIGN UP then open a shrinkearn official website to register an account.

You must follow ShrinkEarn Restrictions:

  • Do not click on your own ShrinkEarn shorten links use of App.
  • Do not create a redirect loop.
  • Don’t use fake traffic to your ShrinkEarn shorten links.
  • Don’t put ShrinkEarn short links on your website containing any illegal content
  • Do not open ShrinkEarn links using iframe or pop up.
  • Don’t sign up more than one from ShrinkEarn.

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