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Best book for gate exam of CSE


Best book for gate exam..many people follow the book and also gate topper.

Those who are prepared for the gate exam. You must have the best book or book to learn for the gate exam ..and must follow this book ...

There are the best book to learn for gate exam, list are given below:-

NO.1- Discrete Mathematics,   writer- Kenneth Rosen,       Edition-7th.

Kenneth H. Rosen's Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications with Combinatorics and Graph Theory seventh Edition is suitable for Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology understudies. The book has been isolated into sections in order to give you a superior comprehension of the subject. The books spread the third Semester prospectus for Computer Science Engineering, Information Technology understudies.


1. The Foundations: Logic and Proofs
2. Basic Structures: Sets, Functions, Sequences, and Sums
3. The Fundamentals: Algorithms, the Integers, and Matrices
4. Induction and Recursion
5. Counting
6. Advanced Counting Techniques
7. Relations
8. Graphs
9. Trees
10. Boolean Algebra
11. Algebraic Structures & Coding Theory
12. Modeling Computation


NO.2- Digital Logic, 
writer- -Morris mano      Edition-  1/5.

NO.3-  Computer organization and architecture,, Writer-  Edition-

NO.4- C-programing,,,, writer- Reema Thareja,,,  Edition--2nd.

NO.5- Data structure,,   writer---Debasis Samanta,,Edition--2nd

NO.6- Algorithms,,    writer--Coleman   Edition--3rd

NO.7--Theory of computation,,  Writer--Peter Linz/ K.L.P Mishra, ,Edition--5th/3rd.


This exemplary book on formal dialects, automata hypothesis and computational multifaceted nature has been refreshed to introduce hypothetical ideas in a compact and direct way with the expansion of hands-on, functional applications. This new release accompanies Gradiance, an online evaluation apparatus created for software engineering.  
Table Of Contents:-

  • Automata: The Methods and the Madness

  • Finite Automata

  • Regular Expressions and Languages

  • Properties of Regular Languages

  • Context-Free Grammars and Languages

  • Pushdown Automata

  • Properties of Context-Free Languages

  • Introduction to Turing Machines

  • Undecidability

  • Intractable Problems

  • Additional Classes of Problems

NO.8--Compiler Design,,   Writer-- Ravi Sethi  Edition--2nd


This book gives the establishment of understanding the hypothesis and routine with regards to compilers. Amended and refreshed, it mirrors the present condition of the arrangement. Each section has been totally reconsidered to reflect improvements in programming building, programming dialects, and PC designs that have happened since 1986 when the last version distributed. The writers, perceiving that a couple of perusers will ever proceed to build a compiler, hold their emphasis on the more extensive arrangement of issues looked in programming structure and programming improvement. PC researchers, engineers, and hopeful understudies need to figure out how to manufacture, keep up and execute a compiler for a noteworthy programming language.

NO.9--Operating System,,  writer--Galvin    Edition--8/9

  Table Of Contents:-

  • Introduction

2.  Process Management

  •  Multithreaded Programming
  •  Process Scheduling

3.  Process Coordination

  •   Synchronization
  •    Deadlocks

4.  Memory Management

  • Memory-Management Strategies
  • Virtual-Memory Management

5.  Storage Management

  • File System
  • Implementing File Systems
  • Secondary-Storage Structure
  • I/O Systems

6. Distributed Systems

  • Distributed Operating Systems
  • Distributed File Systems
  • Distributed System Structures

7. Protection And Security

  • System Protection
  • System Security

8. Special-Purpose Systems

  • Real-Time Systems
  • Multimedia Systems
  • The Linux System
  • Windows XP
  • Influential Operating Systems
  • Appendix A: UNIX BSD
  • Appendix B: The Mach System

NO.10--Database,,   writer---Edition--

NO.11--Computer network,, Writer--Kurosc ross,,,Edition--6th

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