Saturday, February 16, 2019

Best 5 way to earn money through online

Best 5 ways to make money online.
make money online

Who today does not want to earn money, everyone wants to earn money

She/he does not know where to earn money ... I have the best 5 way to you get to earn money without investment. Only trust in itself and do hard work.

There are 5 way to earn money without investment:-

1.From Youtube

It is the best source to earn money,, You make a video like comedy, tech, cooking, fitness, etc  upload in youtube
you will get many subscribe and view then became your money but first, you need to 1000 subscribe and 4000 hours watch time after your channel approval for ads.


It is very easy to create a blog but you don't know to code,, you will start blogging. It is an independent flatform .after you create a blog you must buy domain or host because when you write an article on the blog and your article does not rant in the google or ads, not approval ..but you have post 20 to 30 post then you will get for ads approval.

3.Affiliate Marketing

It is simple to earn money need to join on affiliate marketing ..after any product you promote.
those who are buying the product from your link..finally you will get a commission from this product.

4. Make Android apps

You have knowledge of coding then you can start making android apps.
 How to make a simple app or use:
    First, you need to do download the Android app and JDK(java kit development). The very important thing you must have knowledge in java code and HTML


Fiverr is one of the best websites to earn money.It is a freelance can do logo design,digital marketing, audio and video,blog & post ,business, fun & lifestyle,programming & tech etc.

How to use Fiverr:
1. First, you need to register on Fiverr either for buying or selling a service.
2. If you are a buyer:-
    a.Your search for the service you want to buy. see a list of offering services. read their gig description and try to understand who is offering better. also compare their profile rating and then choose someone.

3. If you are a seller:- go to your name and then see a menu.
    b.Now create a  gig, and list the service that you want to offer.
    c. You must be filled out the required details like the gig description.
    d.Wait for your first order.

I hope all of you start your journey..100% sure you will get money formwork any of the sites..


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