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How to prepare for gate exam

How to prepare for gate exam and how can I get the best rank under 100.

what is possible, yes it is possible. You can do hard work, surely you can achieve your goals.
first, you can start in the 2nd year. It must be you have a gate syllabus and which subject has an in your semester you can underline. properly read the textbook and make a note for gate exam.i'm sure you complete 70% syllabus apply this rule.

All subject are divided three part:-
1. Easy subject
2. Medium subject
3. Hard subject

which subject easy for you to add this with the easy subject and then medium and hard subject.

Study Plan:-

 You must know what are the topics that need to be covered, you can make your own plan. Go to the subtleties of the schedule and plan according to the months, days and hours you. Generally, it is a tough time for students with a heavy school load and in this manner, it is prudent to consider according to a week by week objective to guarantee legitimate inclusion and equivalent regard for school and GATE readiness.

Study Standard Books:-

It's very important for you to identify the books that need to be referred for the preparation for GATE 2020. Peruse books that have a nitty-gritty examination of subjects in order to help in making the ideas obvious. The hypothetical and numerical parts ought to be arranged together. Understudies should dependably peruse the subjects from the standard books. An equation book ought to be made for simple modification during the last moment of arrangement.

Prepare Short Notes to Remember Formula:-

Made your own notes from the standard books. Making notes help competitors reviewing and understanding things much better and in a simpler manner. Rundown the recipes on sheets and reexamine them during their relaxation time. Short notes prove to be useful and act conveniently for correction during the most recent month of planning.

Solve Sample Papers:-

You must solve a lot of previous years question papers and sample papers. This piece of GATE readiness is an unquestionable requirement and ought not to be overlooked. Rehearsing GATE test papers make you totally mindful of the schedule, 

Try to every day Solving the previous year's question papers will help you to get a grip over various elements of the question paper. Thus, it is advised that aspirants must solve as many sample papers/question papers as possible to leave a little scope for failure in the test. 
Also, you can buy a book recommended by gate topper.

Go for Online Mock Tests:-

One of the most important aspects of GATE preparation without coaching is online test series and mock tests. 
Be it GATE online test series or test series by coaching institutes.
Mock tests are familiar with the online test arrangement of GATE. 

So anybody having stepped through false exams and rehearsed test papers/question papers will have an edge over the competitors who have not stepped through the Mock Examination.

Revision is a Must:-

The last stage before the GATE test which is very significant and a bigger segment of what you have arranged so far it showed according to your amendment. 
On the off chance that this activity isn't progressed admirably, at that point whatever you have considered so far may go for a hurl with regards to endeavoring in the genuine examination. 
Accordingly, the update is an unquestionable requirement. 
Here your short notes can act the hero and spare you a great deal of time.

Every branch can prepare for gate exam follow these rules

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