Sunday, February 9, 2020

How to solve schema deprecated issue

How to solve schema deprecated issue?

solve schema deprecated

Yesterday I got this email which says that "New Breadcrumbs issue detected for site" and I open google search console I saw that in enhancement added new Breadcrumbs. There was a new "warning: schema deprecated".
 so what is this warning?. It's any effect on your site. how to fix this error. All your questions I try to cover only in this article.
 in my site, I got 38 Breadcrumbs issue. I fix this problem don't worry its very simple just follow my steps-

Website and blog with schema markup will not be eligible for google rich result features in the future. Seo ranking won't be affected. but in my case, my blog post ranking will decrease.

How to solve schema deprecated issue?

Note: It is very easy coding only you need to do change the "Data-vocabulary.or/Breadcrumbs" to "" That it.

Solution 1.

Solution 1 for my theme.
Step1. Go to your theme, click edit HTML
step2. Press Ctrl+F (open new search box)
Step3. Type Breadcrumbs And change it.

Here the simple code for my theme

solve schema deprecated

Only I change Data-vocabulary.or/Breadcrumbs to and 
the problem was the fix.

solve schema deprecated

solution 2: will update

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