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Adfly Review 2019 and 2020 with earning proof.

Adfly Review 2019 and 2020 with earning proof.

In this article, I will teach you about adfly. It is possible to earn money from an adfly and how much earn from adfly. How many views to get 1 $. How to setup and how to work on it. It is the maximum payout of 5$. All doubt I will try to clear only in this article. Only Read and follow how I earn money from it.

If you search for the best review of the adfly so you have come to the right place. here, I will discuss from first to last. It means how you will work with it and how can you get your payment.
If you know about of adfly that's quite good but if you don't know about of adfly, don't worry I will teach you only read the article.

First, we discuss what is adfly.
    Adfly is a URL shortener ad network that rewards the publishers of the shortened link by offering 50 % of the advertising revenue. Adfly is a redirect link used by people
to get a new link for money with advertising. If you have registered your account first you see the dialog box that put your link in the dialog box and get a new link from it.
Which is work your website with an adfly. If anyone clicks on your link first you have to wait 5 seconds then in the top right corner you can click skip the ad. Finally, the user gets your original link.

 Adfly provides us only two different categories-
 1. For Publishers
2. For Advertisers.

As a publisher, you will earn money through adfly shortener link on their placing a shortened link in your website/blog/Facebook/Twitter/Downloading website, etc.

How it will work-
When any of their visitors in your download site and click on the download button then the adfly link will show the first ads for 5 seconds before you skip the ad button and continue to destination.
They share a little bit of the amount with the publisher of the link.

Advertisers pay for visitors to their website. They can target a country, set a campaign budget and they are purchasing the visitor sent by our publisher

Adfly legit or scam-
  Adfly is not just a legit URL shortener but the best ad network in the industry. They are actually a kind of online marketing system. It also free to join.
If you work with an adfly that is good to earn money from it. You do not need to invest or pay to join or earn money from it.

How much you get for the 1000 views--
It is not exactly the same for google Adsense, here is the earning is very low but you can earn a lot of money from it only for dependent visitors. It depends on visitors how many visitors daily visit or click on your link. In my case, I got 1$ for 2500 views. You can assume that you have to get 12000 visitors for 5 $.

 How much you can earn--
 This depends on you or visitor how many people click on your link. In the adfly earning potential is limitless. Another way to earn money from the adfly share referral link. If anyone joins with your referral link for the first time then you will get paid 20% for his earning.

Someone feedback about of ADFLY
 Suzy says- I have made one link from 2013, now 29k view earn 14$.
Ben says- I've used adfly for a while and had a relatively good experience,
Rakesh says- I'm working with it from the last 1 years. First, I got a very little bit of money but now I earn 5 to 10 $ from adfly. Thanks, Adfly.

How to use adfly-
After the join with an adfly then how to use it. 
1. If you have a website or blog then copy the post URL link.


2. Paste the copy link in an adfly and make a shortner.


3. Copy the shortner link and paste a link on your website whatever you redirect.

Same rule for movie downloading site.
 copy the shortner link and paste it in the download button.

How adfly pay--
 Adfly payout via Paypal, Payza, Payoneer.
 You can withdraw a minimum 5$ with PayPal or payza.
 You can withdraw a minimum of 10$ with Payoneer.

Every ad network have pros and cons-
 Pros of adfly-
 1. Adfly is a genuine and good website. You can trust this website. But any website that claims not to have a fault is a potential scam.
2.Only payout 5$
3.It is managed very easily. Only copy shortener link paste on your website.
4.Easy to join with them.
5. Also earn money through the referral link and more.

Cons of adfly-
1. You have to javascript they can reach the link destination.
2. Adfly is banned in some countries.
3. Sometimes this website down so users can not redirect to the original link.

Refer Others-
 If you want to make money and get the first withdrawal you have to do only is to refer your friends, family, relatives, or anyone to join an adfly.
If you want to join Adfly click here.

If you have any experience with adfly kindly use the comments section or create your own review. Thank you


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