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45 Days Study Plan For IBPS PO 2021 | Daily Study Plan

 Hello Aspirants, In this article, I will share the study plan for the IBPS PO exam 2021 it will help you to boost your preparation with the right strategy.

Approximately 45 days are left of IBPS PO bank exam 2021 these days are very crucial for you because these days make you perfect for crack IBPS PO exam 2021

Some Aspirants are confused about their preparation what the right way to crack any bank exam or they think can I crack the exam within 1 month, 2 months, 3 months I would say yes

you can but with the right strategy, consistency, and discipline. If you can complete the daily tasks then after a few days you will feel improvement in your preparation and daily timetable for banking preparation 

Strategy For RBI Grade B

In the prelims examination, there are 3 subjects

1. English

2. Quant

3. Reasoning

45 Days Study Plan For IBPS PO 2021 | Daily Study Plan


English is a common language of any bank sector. Some aspirants are very weak in English some are good but some aspirants thought it's one of the difficult subjects it's wrong thinking

it is not a subject it's a language like your mother language follow the regular task you will see your improvement in your English

1. Read Daily Newspaper 40 to 50 Minutes

2. Note down new vocabulary with their meaning

3. 10 Error detection

4. 1- 2 RC( Reading Comprehension)

5. 1- 2 set close test

6. 5 para jumble

7. 5 fillers

8. Sentence Arrangements

9. Sentence Improvements

Quantitaive Apptitude

Quant is based on calculative or time it is one of the subjects it takes a lot of time/less time to solve questions but it is based on your basic clear or table/ cube/square/percentage.

Increase your calculation speed with the help of these things do it regularly- Table up to 30, Square and Square root 1 to 100 ( with Tricks), Cube and Cube root up to 20, Percentage.

1. 10 Simplification

2. 10 Approximation

3. 20 Number Series

4. 10 Quadratic equation

5. 4 set pre-level DI

6. 1 Case-let DI

7. 20 quastion ( 5 Each section)


The reasoning is a scoring subject if you are good in puzzle or seating arrangement because puzzle and seating arrangement are one of the portions from which 15 to 20 marks come. So do regular practice of puzzle and seating arrangement maximum 5 questions.

1. 10 Syllogism

2. 10 inequality

3. 3 blood relation

4. 4 direction distance

5. 2 set coding-decoding 

6. 5 Alphanumeric Series

7. 5 Puzzle pre level

8. 5 seating arrangement for pre-level 

You can apply this study plan of any competitive exam and bank exam as well as you can follow these things for mains examinations. 

Practice is only key to success so practice more and more and keep motivating yourself to do it regularly and maintain the daily timetable.

I hope it will help you or if you like it then feel free to share this with your friends or others on social platforms.

Never give up, Don't Stress Do Your Best Forget The Rest. 

Believe In Yourself

Thank You!

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