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The Ultimate Guide To Create Adsense Account For Blogger 2021

 This is the most important article for you to create an AdSense account for bloggers or youtube. If you looking for creating an Adsense account, the eligibility requirements for Adsense, and more questions about google Adsense, in this article we will cover all doubt related to this. Please read the post content and question mention below in the article.



What is Google Adsense?

Eligibility requirements for Adsense

When you create an Adsense account?

The easiest way to create an Adsense account

Is it possible to create an Adsense account without a website?

How to get Adsense Approval fast?

How Much Does Adsense Pay per 1000 Views?

Which Blogger Template is Best For Adsense?

Nowadays making money online is possible but some people really don't know where they can earn if you want to know what is blog or AdSense then this is the right place. The easiest way to make money online by writing content on the blog through Adsense or a third-party ad network.

If you don't get  Adsense approval then you can make money from a third-party ad network this is another way to earn money. The third-party ad network is like Adsense both are the same but Adsense is good than the third-party ad network.

Read more:- for the best third-party ad network for blogger 2021 you can apply for a movie website, wishing website.

There are two ways to make money with Adsense one is a website and another is youtube you can connect both of them. Some have criteria of getting Adsense approval we discuss it later.

Before going to create Google Adsense account for bloggers we simply discuss some important things related to this.  

What is Google Adsense?

You hear that display the ad on youtube or a website. When you open a youtube and play a song or music or movie you will see the ad running on video. If you click this type of ad then the channel owner gets paid from it.

A Google Adsense is the most popular ad program run by Google that allows publishers to make money by displaying ads.

There are two types of the way you get paid from Adsense

Impressions-It is the number of time your ad appears of visitors on your website.

Clicks- You will get paid with a single click on your ad.

Eligibility requirements for Adsense

Before going to apply for Adsense approval read this, it is very important for your Adsense account what is eligibility requirements for Adsense.

1. You have your own unique and interesting content and it must be high quality, original, and attract an audience.

2. Your content must comply with the Adsense program policy.

3. You must be above 18 years, if you are under 18 years old you may have applied for Adsense with a guardian id.

4. You may have a domain or subdomain for a website.

If you qualify for Adsense then you will get Adsense approval to run an ad on your website.

When you create an Adsense account

You can create an Adsense account for blogger or youtube. If you use blogger you will see the earning section from this section you can create an account from it or if you use youtube you can create it from monetizing section of Apply for Adsense.

You can create an Adsense account any time but I recommended you to create an Adsense account when you are eligible for Adsense or when you have a good amount of traffic and a good amount of content.

The easiest way to create an Adsense account for blogger 2021

Note:- The email id is must be the same for the website or Adsense which email to create an account on blogger, WordPress, or youtube.

It is very simple to create an account just follow the instructions give it below

Sign Up for Adsense

Create adsense account fro blogger 2021

1. Open your blogger dashboard click on Earnings Tap appear on the left side. 

2. Click on Create Adsense Account

3. Select the google account with your blogger account.

4. Enter your Website like "" fill out basic information and click Create Account. 

5. Enter your payment details and verify your phone number

6. After complete all the steps click Submit.

Google expert has been review your site for show ads display if your site qualifies all the policy.

After got Adsense approval set up Ad to show on your website 

Show Ads between your posts-

1. Open blogger dashboard

2. Open a single post which you want to show ads

3. Click on the HTML edit box and paste the ad code of Adsense.

4. Click Save.

Show ads in the sidebar, Top corner, columns-

1. Open Blogger Dashboard.

2. In the top left click Layout.

3. Select the Gadget where you want to show ads like sidebar, top corner, footer.

4. Click Add a Gadget and click Adsense.

5. Configure Adsense code if you want and click Save.

Is it possible to create an Adsense account without a website?


There are two ways to create an Adsense account without a website and make money from it. 

1. Earn money from youtube without a website.

This is the best and easy way to earn money from youtube without a website. Youtube is free you can make any type of video that people search on youtube.

Create an Adsense account and enable youtube monetization to follow the steps-

1. Sign in on Youtube

2. Open your Channel Dashboard (If you don't have a channel create one it's very easy).

3. On the left side click on Monetizations

4. Apply for Adsense it redirects the Adsense creation page ( If don't have).

5. Fill out all required information on the form.

6. Click Create.

2. Earn money from a mobile application.

 This is not easy to earn money by making a mobile application. If you build a mobile application then you can otherwise you can not.

Create mobile applications and earn with Google Adsense. It is the same for creating an Adsense account as mention above.

How to get Adsense Approval fast

We simply discuss the main point to get you Adsense approval fast only follow the below steps-

1. Write an article with high quality, unique, and interesting.

2. Write a maximum of 20 posts.

3. Don't copy-paste from any other website.

4. Article length 500 to 1000 words.

5. Some organic traffic and connect domain if you want.

6. Your content complies with the Adsense Program policy.

After completing the all steps apply for Adsense for approval.

How Much Does Adsense Pay per 1000 Views

You will get 1$ to 5 $ per 1000 views it depends on keyword, country, website age, and quality of content. If your keywords give high cpc then google runs high-quality Adsense Ads on your website.

If you write insurance, car insurance, or any other highest cpc(Cost per click) keywords that your cpc get high, if your website visitors came from the US, Uk then you will get high cpc.

If you get high cpc from ads your income automatically increases. Adsense doesn't pay for page views it pays for click on ads.

Which Blogger Template is Best For Adsense

It is very important for your website because Adsense only allow Seo Friendly template(For fast approval). There are lots of templates available on the internet. Before going to install any template remember that the template has SEO-friendly, ads-free, responsive, fast loading, Simple design.

Many bloggers used some popular templates and I'm also used, Many people use the Amp Blogger template for fast loading. 

1. Palki 2

2. Sora SEO friendly template 

 Read more:- Best blogger template for Adsense 2021

Q & N -

1. How To Earn From Blog

Answer- You can earn money in various ways with blog 1. write an article, 2. Affiliate Marketing, 3. Online Sell, 4. URL Shortener, etc.


2. How To Start Blog Writing

Answer- You can start writing blog 1. First, choose a unique blog name that readers remember it 2. Connect to the domain and hosting, 3. Install the simple theme that users interact it.

3. How Do I Sign Up For Adsense On Blogger

Answer- First, sign in to your blogger account and then tap on earning section that appears on the left side after a click on create an Adsense account it redirects to the Sign-Up creation page.

4. Is Google Adsense free

Answer- Yes, Google Adsense is free. You can create an account for free.

5. Can I Use the Same Adsense Account For Youtube And Blogger?

Answer- Yes, you can.

6. How Many Website can Add-In a Single Adsense Account?

Answer-You can add 100 websites to a single Adsense account.

7. How Much Does Adsense Pay per 1000 Views.

Answer- It depends on keyword, country, website quality or you can earn 1 $ to 10 $ per 1000 views. I got 1.5 $ from 300 views.

8. Can I Create Two Adsense Account?

Answer- Adsense provides a single account on a specific person but you can create multiple accounts from your parent's id.

9. Which Blogger Template is Best For Adsense?

Answer- Lots of free templates available on the internet but I suggest you you can try palki2, sora template for fast Adsense approval. 

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