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Best Guest Posting Sites 2021 To Improve SEO | Blog Writing

best Guest posting site 2021
Best Guest Posting site 2021

Are you want to improve SEO Ranking on google or improve DA, PA with the help of blog writing, and want to get a high-quality backlink.

In this article, we will discuss the best guest posting site 2021 list and also discuss how to improve Google search ranking.

Guest posts are very important to improve DA PA and get backlinks. It can boost your traffic or improve google's trust.

If you submitted your website or blog post in the various websites/post that means it can help to improve DA, PA, backlink, google ranking.

Example- If your site DA, PA is zero but your blog content is high quality then you don't need to guest post as many as for google search ranking.

You don't need to get 1000 guest posts to improve DA, PA but if you get 40 guest posts from the high authority site then your website will boost DA, PA, Traffic, search ranking all of this.

So focus only on high DA, PA sites. That's enough, 500+ dofollow backlink


In my case, I don't focus on guest posts. I only wrote content and posted but I got results without creating a backlink because of high-quality content.

I got one backlink from a high DA, PA site then my website DA increased it from zero to 3.

So how can you Check it is a High DA, PA site. If you want to write a guest post for another website firstly check their DA, PA, ranking, Spam score with the help of DA PA Checker

Before writing the guest post make sure it is related to your niche. If your site is based on health/ Technology then you need to write guest posts from the same niche, it benefits your traffic and ranking. 

Note- If you want to get a backlink from our site then you have to write to us to check the guidelines or which topic we accept.

How to write a guest post to improve SEO and getting backlink guidelines-

1. Only original, unpublished content.

Please don’t submit content already published on your blog or live on google. Don't copy the content from others because it can't be accepted.

2. Fluent, readable and error-free

Write content with high quality, error-free, and fluent English. Write proper structure with headings and subheadings.

3. Don’t include a product link 

Please don’t include the product link.

4. Give facts, examples, and practical tips

Write content with easy to read and quickly understand.

List of 100+ accepted guest posting sites 2021 with niche related-

Health Blog

1. Psychology Today 

DA -92  

Topic- Psychology, self-improvement

2. Health Line 

DA -91 

Topic- Fitness, health

3. Life Hack

DA -88

Topics: Self-improvement

4. One Green Planet 

DA -73 

Topics: Environment, Health, Food

5. Pick The Brain 

DA -64 

Topics: Self-improvement

Digital Marketing Blogs

1. Mashable 

DA -92 

Topics: Social media, technology, business, entertainment

2. Hubspot 

DA -91 

Topics: Marketing

3. GetResponse 

DA -81 

Topics: Marketing, productivity, platform, automation

4. Social Media Today  

DA  -80 

Topics: Business, social media, marketing

5. Social Media Examiner  

DA -80 

Topics: Social media

6. Content Marketing Institute  

DA -76  

Topics: Content marketing

7. Creative Bloq  

DA -74 

Topics: Blogging, web design

8. Benchmark  

DA -72  

Topics: Marketing, social media, SEO

9. OutBrain  

DA -71  

Topics: Blogging, marketing

10. B2Bmarketing DA -70 Topics: Blogging, marketing 11. Thesitegirls DA -69 Topics: Blogging, social media 12. CoSchedule DA -69 Topics: Content marketing, blogging, social media 13. Shout Me Loud DA -68 Topics: SEO, marketing 14. Pole Position Marketing DA -66 Topics: Digital marketing, marketing, analytics, SEO, social media, web design 15. Inc 42 DA -63 Topics: Blogging, marketing 16. Mailjet DA -63 Topics: Email marketing 17. The Blog Herald DA -62 Topics: Marketing, blogging 18. Search Engine People DA -61 Topics: SEO, social media 19. Making Different DA 60 Topics: Blogging, technology 20. 9xfilms4u DA-17 Topics: Blogging, News, Make Money

Sports & Fitness Blogs

1. Health Line 

DA -91  

Topics: Fitness, health

2. Sports Then & Now  

DA -55 

Topics: Sports

3. Off the Post  

DA -50  

Topics: Sports

4. Sports Networker  

DA -44  

Topics: Sports

5. Teno Blog  

DA -39  

Topics: Health, travel, business

6. Hupots  

DA -54  

Topics: Sports

Job and Education Blog

  1. eLearn Magazine      DA 91 | Topics: Education, review
  2. Edutopia | DA 80 | Topics: Education
  3. EduGorilla | DA 52 | Topics: Education
  4. Tutorful | DA 39 | Topics: Education
  5. Speak Audible | DA 20 | Topics: Education
  6. Internet Marketing School | DA 22 | Topics: Digital Marketing, SEO

Choose a few sites from the above list to target but visit that site and check it first then write an article and submitted.


1. How do I get guests to post to my site?

Ans- Find the site which accepts guest posts, Make a guest post site list of your niche, analyze what you actually want from your article, and read their guidelines.

2. Does guest posting still work?

Ans- Yes, guest posts still work now.

3. How long should a guest post be?

Ans- Guest post should be 1000 - 1500 word range. 

4. Are guest posts bad for SEO?

Ans- Guest post is not bad for SEO, Guest posting is a process of link building with another site.


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