Friday, April 5, 2019

how to fix wifi network adapters not showing in task bar

How to fix Wi-Fi network adapters not showing in the taskbar

fix wifi network problem

It was a very common problem in laptop and desktop when we are update windows 10. Some times it is not showing wifi connection in the taskbar. Then we will go to the wifi setting after we didn't find a solution.

 Now a day many solutions available online you can watch a youtube video but sometime you will not exact the solution it shows in your laptop problem.

Someday I face this problem and I try to the new solutions and finally I got a result. It was working and now I'm sharing my trick with you. You can try this and definitely, you will get a result. It is very simple only follow my steps are below-

Follow steps-
1.Right-click in the windows bar(box) as you can see in the left side corner. Open a new popup and you can see the many options, these options are work in the individual system. You can delete the unnecessary file in your desktop using run file click on it and type temp. Here the all file unnecessary file delete all these things.

fix wifi network problem
2. Go to Device Manager. Click on it and as you can see the open a new window and many setting main setting options are Network adapters.
3.As you can see Network Adapters click on it.

fix wifi network problem

Now you can see the various files in network adapters like
a. Realtek 8821AE Wireless LAN.
b. Realtek PCIe FE Family
c. WAN Miniport(IP)
d. WAN Miniport (PPTP) etc.
4. Right Click on it 
5. Click on Uninstall device 
Don't worry it will not affect any device. You can uninstall all devices from network adapters.
6. After Uninstall all devices from network adapters then Restart your laptop or Desktop.

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