Thursday, March 14, 2019

how to learn html code for begginers,easy step by step

Learn HTML code

#what is HTML?
=>HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML is used to create internet web pages.
HTML is a stage free language that can be utilized on any stage such as Windows, Linux, Mac and so on.

It is very easy to create an HTML document. You need just two things, a basic content manager and browser.when you spare an HTML record, you can utilize either the .htm or the .html document expansion. 
The basic tags that are included in every HTML file.
There are four tags-
=>This tag is used to indicate that this is a  an HTML file.The <HTML> tag encloses all other HTML tags.
=>This tag is used to indicate the header section of the HTML file. It is always placed after <html>tag.
=>This tag demonstrates the title of this HTML page. The title is what  is  display on the upper left corner of the browser when you view a web page.
=>Everything inside the <body> tag is display on the  browser  inside the main browser window.

            <title>This is my first program.</title>
        Hello! everyone, How are you?
Some commonly used attributes in the <body> tags:-

Attributes            syntax
Bgcolor               bgcolor=”color”
Background         background=”image.jpg”
Text                       text=”color”
Link                       link=”color”
Alink                      alink=”color”
Vlink                       vlink=”color”

Program code:-

            <title>This is my Second program.</title>
      <body bgcolor="red" text="blue">
        Hello! everyone, How are you?The bgcolor has been set to red and text color has been set to bule.
Section Heading tags:
=>Heading are defined with the <h1>  to  <h6> tags. <h1> tags define the largest heading and <h6> define the smallest heading.

program code:-

            <title>This is my third program.</title>
      <body bgcolor="yellow" text="blue">
                <h1> This is section heading </h1>
                <h2> This is section heading </h2>
                <h3> This is section heading </h3>
                <h4> This is section heading </h4>
                <h5> This is section heading </h5>
                <h6> This is section heading </h6>

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