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How to add ads to your blog post

How to add ads to your blog post ||blogger

In this article, we are going to talk about how to put ads on your every blog post. You can add ads on your blog post in one time after adding that code.

Google AdSense is a standout amongst the most well-known approaches to adapt your site. AdSense advertisements pay dependent on expense per click (CPC). Each time a guest to your Wordpress blog taps on an advertisement, you get a charge. If you're using Wordpress and are hosting your blog through a third party, add Google AdSense ads to your blog post to earn money. 
After you build up a Google AdSense account and are endorsed, you can start adding promotions to your site. Albeit numerous individuals use sidebar promotions, you can likewise position advertisements between posts on your blog.
You can add ads to your post, it is very simple. you can set up ads very easily and add automatically showing ads only follow the rule.

How to add ads to your blog post.

Open your Google Adsense 
To display the Google AdSense image or text ads between your posts. click ads >click ad units New ad units box

How to add ads to your blog post

3. Select any one, I'm select first

How to add ads to your blog post your ads, you can put any name

How to add ads to your blog post

5.Copy this code and paste your blog post

How to add ads to your blog post can choose anyone post 
Click EDIT>click Html


The second rule is you can add ads code on HTML. when your google absence is approved ready to show ads on your posts under the article or main menu. login your google absence goto site and you can see the ads code then copy the code. Now choose a post which posts to show ads under article click the Edit button and here you can see your compose post and HTML
paste the ads code between the head tag.

Now you can put your ads on your post and earn money. 

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