Friday, February 1, 2019

How can i increase my concentration during study.

Best two way to increase your concentration during the study:-
          1.Before sleeping at night.
          2.Weak up in the morning.

when I came home from college I'm so tired and when I started to study I didn't concentrate on any topic. One day I will try new things to improve my focus on study. Some of the basic ways try to concentrate during the study in my life. Some days I get results. Don't watch a movie and video songs before starting your studies.

1.Before sleeping at night some of the reading textbooks and don't use social
    media at night during sleeping.

Before sleeping at night decide you how many times of study you will
   want to do the next day.

2.Next day after weak up in the morning:    

a. First, do meditation for 5 minutes (for mind control).
    b.Do the exercise for 15 to 20 minutes(for blood pumping in your brain)

     c.Eat something healthy breakfast(food), it's very important.

    d.Now you can start your study with your fresh open mind.

And don't use social media in the morning, it can distract your focus.
you can apply this in your life.
Try to complete your work in the morning and also you can divide you
study time.

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